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March 2021

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HUSTLER Beaver Kendall



I’m a bit of a tease,and I love to back-talkin the bedroom.

About Kendall

Twenty-two-year-old Kendall is a college student from Cincinnati, Ohio, who’s eager to reveal more than her 5-foot-4 body. “The words that best describe me are feisty and sassy,” Kendall informs us. “I’m known to be stubborn and argumentative too, but mostly in a playful way, and I always follow through with the crazy ideas that I come up with. My favorite hobbies are following horse racing, running and boxing. I’m also a book nerd and Netflix chiller. I’m great to watch TV or go to movies with because afterward I enjoy having intelligent discussions about whatever we were watching. However, I’m not great to go to a movie with if the guy’s sole purpose is to make out and/or get laid. I’m not paying $9 for that! But if I get to choose the TV show, especially Gotham, I’ll probably go to bed with him afterward. I’m mostly straight. I tried the bi thing once—don’t knock something until you try it, after all— but I wasn’t into it. The most stimulating position for me is on my back with my legs over my lover’s shoulders. It gets me off every time. I also like to bite.” Kendall’s fantasy? “I’m working on techniques with a more experienced boxer. After we circle around and exchange combos, he presses me into a corner and slips off my shorts. I’m still wearing my boxing gloves as he fucks me!”


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