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June 2024

Misha Cross and Agatha Vega
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The Joys of Toys
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The Joys of Toys

Most men have a “just stick it in the hole” mentality. But if you allow yourself to enjoy the variety of different types of stimulation that toys can provide, you’ll have some great, slowbuilding sexual highs. You’ll also learn to enjoy a more circuitous and exploratory route to orgasm, which your lover will not only appreciate, but celebrate.

One of the keys to men enjoying toys is to view them as enhancers that provide variation and complement the near-perfect design of our built-in source of sexual joy: the hand. When used in conjunction with other toys and good porn, toys can provide strong orgasms and enable rapid repeat performance—whereas the hand alone may leave you chafed and numb and most likely result in a quick one-and-done experience. The key is to have multiple toys readily available as you progress. You might want the pressure and friction of a soft sleeve for a while, then switch to your hand, then pop into a warm Fleshlight, then watch your cock grow and veins pop in a penis pump. It’s about altering stimulation easily, quickly and enjoyably to create the most diverse and pleasurable stroke you can. While I’m sure there are some heroic performers out there, it’s only with the use of toys that I’m able to rip one off and then pull one off again…and then again. The hand alone just can’t do that. Variety in texture and temperature are critical to keep the party going.

The joy of toys is not only about self-pleasure: it’s about how creative stroking can lead to creative sex with others. Understanding how to enjoy an erotic build and then recover quickly parlays into better sex with your partner. It’s also about broadening your idea of stimulation.

So as you read some of the descriptions of basic styles of toys, the many ways they can be used and the experiences they can create, don’t look for “the right toy”; look for the right combinations of toys to raise the mast and sail west into the horizon. It will take some time and experimentation to find the right combination, but don’t worry—most of these toys are pretty affordable. I’ve also found that a toy that didn’t work for me initially later emerged as one of my favorites when used in new ways.  


Remember the adage “He who dies with the most toys wins”? You can never have too many toys—and not just toys to stick your penis in! Toys that buzz and hum, toys that tickle your anus and ignite your prostate, toys that suck and enlarge your cock—anything that helps you feel good should be considered part of your routine. I’ve found that the more toys I integrate into a session, the better they work. Consider having a variety of toys available to stimulate your body in different ways. For instance, you should have some toys to penetrate and some toys that will penetrate you. Toys that are warmed up and toys that are at room temperature. Toys with lots of lube and some with just enough lube. And you should definitely have toys that vibrate. Here’s an example of what I like to have on hand:

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