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April 2024

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The Death of Democracy
Featured Article

The Death of Democracy


Our democracy is on the brink of death. Donald Trump and Steve Bannon are kicking down the door to an American dictatorship by 2024.

Bannon has long been Trump’s chief strategist. A devout authoritarian, he’s repeatedly advertised his desire to dismantle American democracy…and seems to be succeeding. As Rasputin advised the last tsar of Russia, and as Karl Rove informed George W. Bush, Bannon has guided Trump and the extreme right wing of the Republican Party toward one-party rule in America.

Bannon has already moved the country a long way in that direction. His mighty fascist fortress is perched on 14 critical pillars of a power structure that could crush what’s left of our democracy. The threat to our freedom, our livelihood and our very survival on this Earth could not be more serious.

Resisting is the great political power struggle of our time. Only a massive grassroots uprising can stop this fascist coup from happening. So if you care about your basic rights, freedoms and a human future on this planet, listen up and join in, because we do have a proven way of winning.

Trump and Bannon want American democracy dead because they know that if there’s a fair vote in this country, “no Republican”—in Trump’s words—“will ever win another election.”

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