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Promiscuity & Podcasts
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Promiscuity & Podcasts

What started out as sex talk with exes has turned into an on-air revolution. Corinne Fisher and Krystyna Hutchinson, the outspoken ladies of the New York comedy duo Sorry About Last Night, get down to the dirty details of human sexuality on their hit anti-slutshaming podcast Guys We Fucked. Speaking with the likes of Andy Dick, Amber Rose, Bobby Lee, Artie Lange and Stoya, the girls who fuck get candid about their favorite porn stars, threesome tips and offending everyone, so hold your HUSTLERs high, because deep down we’re all fuckers—and proud of it!

HUSTLER: Why is anti-slut-shaming an important issue to you two personally?

KRYS: I went into the podcast wanting to talk about silly things, like thinking sex was only one thrust up until the tenth grade, how my boyfriend’s porn star ex made me feel femasculated and my confusion over blowjob scenes in porn—looks like a zombie gagging for ten minutes. We covered those topics and also dove into rape, abortion, molestation and abusive relationships —things that I never had the opportunity to explore because people deem them as sad and dark and confusing and something to brush under the rug. Over 100 episodes and thousands of listener emails later, I’ve come to realize how many big secrets people keep, all because they’re ashamed. Slut-shaming and shaming of any kind is such a controlling tool—the more you talk about that, the more self-empowered people become.

CORINNE: Sexuality is one of the most basic and beautiful things about being human. To make one gender feel gross for expressing and embracing that is not okay, and it’s hard for me to even digest—insert cum joke here—the fact that we’ve let it go on this long—another dick joke can probably go here.

You’ve started your third year of the podcast—is there anything you know now that you wish you’d known before you started? Anything you’ve learned about your own sexuality?

KRYS: My expectations have been far exceeded. I’ve learned so much about myself, mostly how to be more honest about what I want and don’t want. One thing I’ve fessed up to, since the start of the show, is my desire to see my boyfriend have sex with someone else. It was something I kept to myself because I was a little confused and embarrassed by it. I ended up talking about it on the podcast before bringing the subject up with my boyfriend. It eventually led to a threeway with another woman, and it was just as exhilarating as I imagined it. Lesson learned: Talk about your sexual fantasies with the person you’re having sex with!

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