December 2019

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HUSTLER Classic: Amber Lynn’s Golden Moment

As the classic proverb has it, “All that glitters is not gold.” Maybe so, but we know this much to be true: The glittering lady at the center of this HUSTLER Classic is certainly pure gold.  At the time the Holiday ’91 HUSTLER was published, Amber Lynn had already established herself among the top tier…

HUSTLER Classic: Spacing Out Over Pussy

Space: the final frontier. And, it turns out, the setting for a classic HUSTLER layout that was pretty out of this world.  In 1979, space travel, aliens and sci-fi in general were front and center in popular culture. Star Wars and Close Encounters of the Third Kind had sparked a widespread fascination with those themes a couple…

HUSTLER Classic: When Stormy Met Mary

That time Stormy Daniels and Mary Carey turned each other on, before turning the political world on its head. Politics makes strange bedfellows, the old saying goes. And sometimes very hot bedfellows, too. Case in point: the pictorial in the May ’03 HUSTLER featuring Stormy Daniels and Mary Carey.  When it was first published, the…