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March 2021

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HUSTLER Classic: In the Deep End

It’s every pool owner’s nightmare: Guests who can’t be bothered to exit the water to relieve themselves, thereby turning one’s swimming spot into a cesspit. In fact, it’s a common enough occurrence that it has inspired the classic novelty sign reading, “Welcome to our OOL. Notice that there is no ‘P’ in it. Let’s keep...

HUSTLER Classic: The Ties That Bind

There are plenty of exercises for couples looking to build trust in their relationships. Like letting your partner search through your phone. Or talking about your fears with your partner.  But really, are any of them as satisfying as tying your partner up with rope and breaking out the strap-n for some good, dirty fun?...

HUSTLER Classic: Bed Head

There are little white lies, and then there are red-hot lies. For an example of the latter, look no further than the August ’01 HUSTLER pictorial Jasmine & Judith: Womb Service.  The layout, lensed by photographer Clive McLean, shared the tale of two deceitful beauties who duped their spouses while engaging in a dripping-wet rendezvous...