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June 2024

Misha Cross and Agatha Vega
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Mac Sabbath: Burgers, Blood & Beyond
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Mac Sabbath: Burgers, Blood & Beyond

What do you get when you combine fast food and heavy metal? A tasty musical spectacle with songs you can really sink your teeth into.

Mac Sabbath does not do interviews. The whacked-out parody band, who base their songs on the tunes of Black Sabbath and the theme of fast food, demand to remain slathered in their own secret sauce. Singer Ronald Osbourne, guitarist Slayer MacCheeze, bass creature Grimalice and drummer Catburglar (aka “Peter Criss Cut Fries”) choose to have their manager Mike Odd conduct all the Q&As.   

That is why I’m sitting down with a shabby looking gentleman in a dark warehouse deep in the “too gross for porn” part of the San Fernando Valley to get to the bottom of who and what the self-proclaimed creators of “drive-thru metal” really are. Will the aptly named Mr. Odd give us true insights into Mac Sabbath’s origins? Can he fill us in on why, in this time of digital music, the band has decided to go full analog, only issuing their new songs on vinyl cased in a pop-up book? Will anything he says be true, or will we simply drown in a giant milkshake of mystery thicker than any burger chain has ever served?  Um… maybe? 

mac sabbath Why doesn’t the band do any interviews?  What are they hiding? 

Mike Odd: If you ask Ronald Osbourne, he maintains that he exists in the 1970s and travels back and forth through some sort of a wormhole, and any kind of modern technology used in an interview could harm the time-space continuum. If you ask me, I will never put a proper human in a room with him, because you would wind up with seltzer water in your microphone and a pie in your face. Trust me, this will work better. 

Any truth to the rumor that you are really Ronald Osbourne?  

Odd: Oh boy, I wish! Jello Biafra is another popular rumor on the internet. I am instructed to neither confirm nor deny any inquiry of any guesses, but this one is about as ridiculous as the other.

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