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June 2024

Misha Cross and Agatha Vega
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Deep Into Kink: Living the Fetish Lifestyle
Featured Article

Deep Into Kink: Living the Fetish Lifestyle

These days pretty much everything you can think of has been fetishized, and kinks are fairly commonplace. Unfortunately, so is kink-shaming. Have you ever been reluctant to share a fantasy for fear it would weird out a potential partner? Until you actually broach the subject, you’re wondering if your foot fetish is just too bizarre. It’s not, by the way. In fact, feet may be one of the world’s most popular fetishes. In 2007 a study titled “Relative Prevalence of Different Fetishes,” published in the International Journal of Impotence Research, found that 47% of respondents named feet as a favorite body part.

This feature explores those who truly embrace their kinks. Rather than living in fear of judgment, they actually reach out to find like-minded people and form communities. Some of these fetishes grow beyond a Friday-night lark into full-blown lifestyles that take time, effort and commitment. And cash. Lots of cash.


Feeders and eaters, or feedees, gained fame online several years back, and a number of websites and tabloids published stories about women who worked as camgirls with a feeder twist. Essentially, rather than performing some kind of sexual activity for her audience, she eats. She eats a lot. And her fans pay for the pleasure of watching.

One woman in Korea quit her job to spend three hours a day eating on camera. She claims to make $9,000 a month from her viewers. There are literally dozens of YouTubers who eat for their fans, and thousands of subscribers tune in to watch them devour a meal. Trisha Paytas said someone in Dubai paid her $10,000 to eat a bucket of KFC!

Watching a woman consume 5,000 calories in a sitting definitely does it for some people. An 18-year-old woman in the U.K. told the story of how her boyfriend was a feeder, what you call the person supplying the food, and wanted to see her eat all the time. She’d consume 10,000 calories in a single day, enough calories to meet most people’s needs for five days.

Those who are interested are willing to pay for the privilege of viewing the eating as it happens. On Clips4Sale, viewers pay upward of $10 per minute to watch the Gainer Girl series. One of the models, Flawless Melissa, makes $150 per person who ogles her eating a pizza. Other models take down 13,000 calories each and every day, while fans send money or food and even new clothes when the women outgrow their old ones.

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