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February 2022

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Taking It to the Edge

While many people consider busting a nut to be the best part of sex, fans of edging feel that better things come to those who wait. We explore the practice of putting off the Big O in pursuit of a more intense climax. Busting a nut is usually considered the best part of sex, but...

Fucking Drunk: The Sloshed-Sex Science Behind Beer Goggles

Getting drunk and waking up next to an unattractive stranger is so common that someone created the term “coyote ugly” (which was later the title of one of the best Tyra Banks movies of all time) to describe the phenomenon.  In case a reminder is necessary, this refers to a person gnawing off their arm...

What I Learned From Porn

Can XXX entertainment really serve as a form of sex education? Real people weigh in with their experiences.  Sex education, when it exists at all, varies from school to school. Some teachers show boring anatomy videos, others awkwardly put condoms on bananas, and many just preach abstinence and wonder why so many students still end...