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June 2022

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XXX Chemistry Class

Porn stars reveal how they make sure that they click with their scenemates to optimize their performances. What does it take to make magic happen during a sex scene, and how do you deal with a performer you just don’t click with? We reached out to several performers to ask them how they deal with...

Call Me!

Yes, phone sex is still a thriving business in the internet age. We chatted with expert practitioners of this enduring craft to learn the secrets of their success. Phone sex has probably existed since the invention of the telephone. (Thanks, Alexander Graham Bell!) And despite the many technical advances that the sex industry has benefited...

XXX Name Game

What’s in a porn name? Never mind that old routine about combining your childhood pet and the street you grew up on—real adult-industry performers reveal how they came up with their noms de XXX.  Have you ever wondered how your favorite performers came up with their stage names? One internet meme has suggested that a...