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March 2024

Featuring Roxy Shaw
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Party of the Endless Grift

Republicans may not be able to win elections anymore, but they’ve learned how to turn losing into “winning.” Once upon a time, America had two major political parties. They disagreed on some things, mostly domestic matters, while generally concurring on foreign-policy issues. Tending to favor businesses and the wealthy, the Republican Party sought to lower...

Worst (Best?) “Red Wave” Ever

Democracy fights to live another day. Call it Roevember. Even Joevember. What you can’t call it is a “red wave,” much less a “red tsunami,” as hyped by Republicans and their easily hoaxed lackeys in the cowardly corporate media during the run-up to the 2022 midterm elections. “I can’t say for sure where rumors of...

Truth Has Been Politicized

The former President and America’s right wing benefit more than ever from our corporate media pulling punches. In early August 2022, federal law enforcement officials executed a search warrant at Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort. A federal judge, based on a sworn affidavit from the FBI, found “probable cause” to believe that the former President violated...