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November 2020

Featuring Jessica Lockwood
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  • Brushing Up on Going Down: The Pros’ Guide to Eating Pussy
  • The Business of Pleasure: How to Succeed in Sex Work (by Really Trying)
  • Three Is a Magic Number

Charlotte Sartre: Spooky-Hot

Like everything else in 2020, Halloween isn’t going to be the same this year. Luckily, goth goddess Charlotte Sartre is here to scare you stiff with her sexy, spellbinding presence.  Between the ongoing pandemic, civil unrest and whatever the hell this election campaign has become, Halloween is definitely not going to feel like Halloween this…

HUSTLER Two-Timers: Mia Malkova

Welcome back to HUSTLER Two-Timers, where we celebrate Honeys so nice, we’ve featured them twice! Today we dive deep into XXX goddess Mia Malkova. Hailing from Palm Springs, California—known for its hot springs and breathtaking desert and mountain vistas—Malkova is plenty capable of turning up the heat with some breathtaking views herself.  Case in point:…

Jamie Kennedy: Shooters Shoot

Jamie Kennedy has been around the block. Your block, your brother’s block, all the damn blocks. He’s earned his stripes in Scream, Romeo + Juliet, Three Kings and countless television and stand-up specials. He’s all about taking a shot, taking chances. Join us as we learn his secrets to scoring George Lucas for a booty…

Performers of Color: A Conversation

Social justice protests are intense right now. Thank God. Change has been a long, long time coming, and it is finally blowing in the wind. Racial inequality has plagued our nation since it began. Every mode of commerce and every form of industry has been affected. Porn is no different. For decades African-American, Latin and…

GLOW Girl Jeanne Basone: Wham! Bam! Body Slam! gets in the ring with Jeanne “Hollywood” Basone for a no-holds-barred interview If you are like us, you loved wrestling in the 1980s. The choreographed chaos of Hulk Hogan, Andre the Giant and “Rowdy” Roddy Piper ruled our collective TVs during the Reagan years. And if you were a red-blooded American male discovering the…

HUSTLER Classic: In the Pink

America’s job market has been turning more and more to a gig economy in recent years, and that’s not likely to change as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to wreak havoc on the country’s employment rates.  It’s a trajectory that carries a fair amount of uncertainty, but fear not—eking out a makeshift living from various sources…

Happy Birthday, Larry!

November 1 is Larry Flynt’s birthday, and we’re giving him a hearty shout-out along with a half dozen Beavers who’ll also be blowing out candles this month. What a stellar ensemble! Luna Leve is a Southern California photographer, and Esmi is an aspiring mainstream actress from Florida. Missouri native Zoe Clark is establishing herself as…

Women Tattoo It Better

From groundbreaking tattooists to today’s rising stars, meet America’s amazing female ink artists. Kadriya Truvillion knows that she breaks a lot of old stereotypes about the tattoo industry. Not only is she a thin Black girl working in an industry full of bearded white guys, but she’s also gay, a bit of a video game…