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Artificial Intelligence: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

In July, the U.N. hosted an “AI (Artificial Intelligence) for Good” global summit in Switzerland, featuring a press conference with nine humanoid robots...

Crystal Rose Napolitano: Body Talk

Somatic attachment coach Crystal Rose Napolitano wants you to listen to your body. Ask yourself, “Do I feel safe? Am I able to give and receive love?” The road to intimacy...

Let’s Dance: Hitting the Road With XXX Stars

What would it be like to get a lap dance from your favorite porn star? Wonder no more, as these five-star feature dancers bring the party to you! Lots of...

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GOP Fails Congress…and America

Publisher's Statement

GOP Fails Congress…and America

Here’s an idea: The next time the GOP paralyzes government and the country, their representatives do not get paid. When Republican House representatives take three whole weeks to elect a speaker, they should forfeit three weeks of the $174,000-plus annual salary Americans, their bosses, pay them. This past October alone, that would have saved taxpayers…

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Make My Hotwife Squirt

Make My Hotwife Squirt

No Cum Dodging Allowed 14

No Cum Dodging Allowed 14

My Lesbian Mother-in-Law 3

My Lesbian Mother-in-Law 3

My Neighbor’s Bush 4

My Neighbor’s Bush 4

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I Can’t Fight This Feeling Anymore

I Can’t Fight This Feeling Anymore

Conventional wisdom about Donald Trump and elections is always right—except when it isn’t. As we go to press, it seems an all-but-foregone conclusion to most that Donald Trump will...
Asshole of the Month: Mike Johnson

Asshole of the Month: Mike Johnson

Choosing the speaker of the House of Representatives in Washington has usually been a routine, undramatic affair: The leadership of the party holding the majority selects a candidate, and...