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October 2020

Featuring Lana Rhoades & Adria Rae
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Lounge Lizard Extraordinaire

It’s late at night on Hollywood’s Sunset Strip, and a surly figure in a cheap tuxedo is slumped in the back booth of the Comedy Store nightclub, nursing a glass of Jack Daniel’s. In a couple of hours he’ll take the stage and unleash a barrage of offensive jokes, nasally croon renditions of cheesy ’70s…

Strictly Legit

The dude who gave West Coast Hip-Hop a blast of thrash, conquered the liar’s paradise called Hollywood and landed one of the hottest pieces of tail on the planet still couldn’t bullshit if he wanted to. Back on tour with Body Count, Ice imparts his vital wisdom. Listen up. HUSTLER: If you had to pick…

William Shatner

HUSTLER, The Final Frontier: An Exclusive Q&A With the Captain of the Starship Enterprise There is only one William Shatner: the Canadian-born actor, author, singer, animal activist, poet and Priceline pitchman. In his 50-plus-year career, Shatner has portrayed a myriad of memorable characters, including Bob Wilson (Twilight Zone), TV cop T.J. Hooker, Denny Crane (The…