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July 2022

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Heat Pumps for Peace & Freedom!

It may not be sexy, but new electrified tech can help defeat a Russian tyrant and save the planet with the stroke of Joe Biden’s pen. Authoritarianism will not defeat itself. Years-long efforts—militarily, economically, morally—were required during World War II to end it in Germany, Italy, Japan and elsewhere. Decades of such efforts by democratic...

Chain of Fools

The pandemic exposed the U.S. supply chain debacle, but Wall Street greed and American stupidity perfected it. Finally! A story about “both sides” collectively fucking up. And lawmakers from both political parties will be needed to fix it, if that’s even possible. Corporate media doesn’t like to focus on it, but after a year of...

Save the Nation: Run for Something

HOW YOU—YES, YOU—CAN ACTUALLY MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. Spring is upon us, but there’s a blizzard of snowflakes across our great nation: champions of “cancel culture” demanding “safe spaces” for their kids’ oh-so-tender eyes and ears. No, not vegan, latte-sipping lefties. Hard-right MAGA loons have muscled their way onto school boards, city councils and state...