July 2020

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Apple’s Noble Fight

The telecom company is resisting demands to make its cell phones accessible to government agencies. Let’s give it up for Apple! It’s not easy to commend a hugely profitable company for simply doing what’s right for its customers and bottom line, but the tech giant is doing something much more praiseworthy. With CEO Tim Cook…

Beware The Ratfuckers

As the presidential race hit the starting gate, were GOP dirty-tricksters behind the caucus-night meltdown in Iowa? The initial nominating contest of the critical 2020 Presidential election—America’s last firewall against full-on authoritarianism—began disastrously for Democrats in Iowa. The voting itself went well enough, but the reporting of publicly witnessed precinct results from some 1,700 caucus…

Assassin Nation

Trump pulls the trigger on war crimes after a decades-long ban on U.S.-sanctioned assassinations of foreign leaders. For the past three years the Trump Administration has rolled back or plowed over decades of federal rules, regulations and statutes. On January 3, 2020—when the President ordered a drone strike on a top Iranian general near Baghdad’s…