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Real American Horror Story

Step inside the Chicago Murder Castle and meet the good doctor, a most dangerously charming man, a twisted psychopath who might well be america’s first serial killer: Dr. H.H. Holmes....

Penny Barber: “Call Me Mommy”

PHOTOGRAPHY BY @MR_REX_SHEPHERD (INSTAGRAM) This modern-day Mrs. Robinson combines striking looks, a dominant presence and an undeniable passion for performing: Penny Barber is the ultimate...

Beach Treats

A venerable sports mag is known for its annual swimsuit edition, but we prefer babes who hit the beach and flaunt their shipshape bodies au naturel. Alfresco nude modeling is naughty and provocative....

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Artificial Intelligence & the 2024 Election

Publisher's Statement

Artificial Intelligence & the 2024 Election

There is little doubt that AI will transform our lives. The beneficial applications promise to be myriad. “AI allows us to see patterns in data that humans cannot grasp,” Stephen Cave, director for the Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence, explains. “And that will have benefits for all sorts of fields: from drug discovery…

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Barely Legal 197: My Brother’s Best Friend

Barely Legal 197: My Brother’s Best Friend

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Violet Spice

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Asshole of the Month: Greg Abbott

Asshole of the Month: Greg Abbott

After its successful war of independence from Mexico in 1836, Texas existed as an independent republic for nine years, until joining the United States in 1845. Then, in 1861,...