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September 2020

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HUSTLER Honey Malen Morgan


Malen Morgan

Vital Facts
  • Hometown Tampa, FL
  • Age 19
  • Horoscope Leo
  • Height 5-9
  • Weight 122

About Malen Morgan

Malena Morgan enjoys the outdoors. More specifically, she loves the way sunlight feels on her bare skin. “I could sunbathe all day,” the HUSTLER newbie points out, “but I tan really easily, so I’m worried about stupid skin cancer!”

Unfortunately for Malena (and for the male population at large), at times she is compelled to don clothing. Her favorite occasion is dressing up for a night on the town. “I like the club scene sometimes,” Malena acknowledges, “but I’m always up for dinner at a cool restaurant. I love trying out the trendy new places.”

When looking for a companion, Malena confesses that she’s drawn to men with a sense of style. “I’m totally into guys in suits,” she explains. “I like when guys get dressed up; everything’s so casual now. There’s something really sexy about a guy today who can pull off the suit look.”

As her modeling career takes off, the lifelong Florida gal has been spending more and more time in Southern California. Even though the Sunshine State will always have a special place in her heart, Malena has found the West Coast to be rather appealing. “I could definitely see myself living in L.A.,” she relates. “It’s not what I thought it’d be at all.”

Expecting Los Angeles to be full of flakes and phonies, Malena was delighted to be proven wrong. “I’ve met a lot of cool people out here,” she exults. “People are really chill, laid back. I like the vibe. Plus there are so many fucking hot people in L.A.—guys and girls! Sometimes it seems like everyone’s a model.” But there’s only one Malena Morgan.

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