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March 2021

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HUSTLER Honey Emily Parker


Emily Parker

About Emily Parker

“With all my tattoos, people automatically assume that I’m dominant and into all sorts of weird, kinky, alternative sex. I may look like a hard-ass, but I’m super affectionate. I love spooning. I don’t go around licking toilet seats. I have a one-cock-at-a-time rule. In college, I was an opera singer.

“It’s funny that I’m in porn because I don’t watch it. I just like being naked on camera. When I was first thinking about getting into the industry, I wanted to make sure I’d be comfortable. I went to a sex club with my friends, jumped onstage naked and found out I was a total pervert. If you can do that, you can do anything! I enjoy sex the most when I’m getting fucked doggy with my arms held behind me. I call it ‘Fuck me like a whore.’ My fantasy is to be Megan Fox because everyone wants to fuck her. She’s hot, but dumb as a bucket of shrimp, so I’d like to be interesting as well.”

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