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July 2024

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HUSTLER Honey Courtney Page

About Courtney Page

AGE: 24
This is so F’ing cool,” marvels Courtney Page. “You know how most girls dream of their wedding day? Not me. I have dreamed about being naked in a real men’s magazine. And HUSTLER is as F’ing real as it gets. Plus during the shoot I got to pretend to be a rocker chick. Who doesn’t want to be a rock star? Or at least a groupie?”

Has Courtney ever experienced any groupie love? “I wish,” she replies, “but I’ve never been able to get backstage. I just don’t have the connections, and I’m just not that bold. I would love to make some ‘backstage passes’ at rock stars.”

Any in particular? “Maybe if I could go back in time and fuck a young Mick Jagger,” Courtney muses. “And maybe Keith [Richards] too. As for rockers now, I think the guys from the Black Crowes are sexy, and Pharrell from N.E.R.D. is so hot. And I know it’s wrong, but I would also like to fuck Justin Bieber. Just to say I did it. He pretends to be all shy and innocent, but I bet secretly he’s a freak. He hangs with Usher, so he has to be. If not, it would be great to show Justin the ropes, and I’d play some loud rock music while doing it.”

By the way, that’s always the soundtrack to Courtney’s sexcapades. “I love listening to loud and hard rock while I’m having sex,” the hottie purrs. “I find that if you play wimpy shit, the guy gets all soft and feminine on you. And that doesn’t get me off. But if you play some Korn or Led Zeppelin or Eminem, it gets him riled up, and he starts to really let me have it. That music makes the guy and me a bit angry, and angry sex is the best sex!”

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