June 2020

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Boning Up: The Missy Martinez Guide to Anal Sex

If you’re in the dark about buttholes and how to please them, fear not—Missy Martinez is here to take your hand and lead you up the ol’ dirt road. Anal: It’s the ultimate four-letter word. It’s also one of the most popular XXX genres. And surely, it’s not just for professional suckers and fuckers, right?…

Of Sluts and Scholars

Nicoletta Heidegger wants to help you fuck smarter with her podcast Sluts and Scholars. We spent some time with the therapist and sex guru to learn more about her mission. I go into my interview with Nicoletta Heidegger wanting to like her, I really do, but she nearly goes too far when she begins to…

Sex Boot Camp Vol. 10: A Topic of Much Impotence

Can’t get it up? Don’t let it keep you down; our XXX-perts are here to help put you back on the road to Bonerville. We love sex. You love sex. There is, however, always room for improvement.  We may have saved this sensitive topic until now, but HUSTLERMagazine.com is at your service, here to shed…