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August 2020

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Shameless Sexperts

Amy Baldwin and April Lampert, the duo behind the Shameless Sex podcast, want people to make their own rules for their sexuality. If you’re the kind of utterly unwoke guy who would listen to a podcast based on the relative attractiveness of its hosts, you should be ashamed of yourself. Well, you should be ashamed…

Bryony Cole on the Age of Sex Tech

Increasingly realistic sex robots. Teledildonics and virtual reality. Allow the host of the Future of Sex podcast to lead you through the brave nude world of sex tech. As it turns out, “sex tech” is a concept that isn’t focused solely on robots that fuck (or “fucking robots,” if you will). Rather, “sex tech” is…

A Very Curious Sex Podcast

Meet The Curious Girl Diaries host Layla, who turned a years-long dry spell into a quest to complete her sexual bucket list.  “Layla” is the pseudonym of an anonymous West Coast businesswoman in her 40s, a mover-and-shaker type who about four years ago suddenly realized that her career success was coming at a cost. “I…