July 2020

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HUSTLER Classic: Touchy, Touchy

Physical contact is in short supply these days. So it seems like a particularly good time to revisit an especially touchy-feely pictorial from the HUSTLER archives.  Published in the March ’81 issue of America’s Magazine, “Amber: A Delicate Touch” shared the story of a Honey with a passion for tactile pleasures.  “Soft furs, plush sofas,…

Ariana Marie: HUSTLER’s May Queen

It takes a special woman to appear in HUSTLER as many times as Ariana Marie has, and Ariana Marie is certainly special. Her numerous appearances in the pages of America’s Magazine have a pretty special aspect to them, too—and not just because of her doe-eyed beauty and delightfully devilish sexuality.  Like most people, we’ve had…

HUSTLER Classic: Sun Strokes

This year, spring arrived just in time for many of us to be ordered indoors in an effort to reduce the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. With summer fast approaching, a good number of us are still under lockdown orders and, for the most part, the sun is just a bright ball in the sky…