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46th Anniversary Edition
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Eyes Wide Open: A Deep, Hard Look at Voyeurism

Imagine two beautiful women, lying on a bed and licking each others’ pussies. You’re a fly on the wall, observing them moaning and having a good time. One of them turns to you and asks, “Do you like to watch?” And if that answer is yes (which we’re almost 200 percent sure it will be),…

Big Babies: A Guide to Age Play

Role-playing in the bedroom can be naughty fun—anyone who’s ever played doctor-and-patient, or pretended that their partner is a stranger to enact a random pickup scenario, can attest to that.  While the above forms of role-play are fairly common, another type of make-believe, age play, resides in the fringes of Fantasy-Land. Still, the practice of…

HUSTLER Classic: Rubber the Right Way

The future can be a scary thing to contemplate. But sometimes, if you gaze into the crystal ball with just the right eyes, it can also be a quite sexy proposition.  With its December 1993 issue, HUSTLER offered a horny prophesy in the form of the pictorial “Paula & Eric: Things to Come,” shot by…