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The Future of Sex Toys

Sex-tech expert Dr. Kate Devlin gives us a glimpse into what’s to come in the world of science-enhanced intimacy. Nothing gets people’s attention quite like the combination of sex and robots. Dr. Kate Devlin knows this all too well.  One of the world’s leading experts, researchers and academics in the field of sex technology, Devlin…

The Future of Sex

Stop beating off with your hand like a troglodyte! Today’s self-pleasures include interactive virtual reality, teledildonics, avatars and robots that will fuck and love you (or hate you, if that’s your bag). Hustler explores the future of digital-age masturbation.   Humans have been finding creative ways to pleasure themselves since the dawn of civilization, inventing…

Mope: A Grim XXX Moment Becomes a Gripping Feature Film

Not all stories worth telling have happy endings. In porn parlance, mopes are little more than cocks on call, earning a handful of bucks for fleshing out a scene in a XXX production, perhaps as part of a gangbang or bukkake scene. In between their infrequent, low-paying shoots, they tend to work dead-end jobs or,…