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April 2023

Laura Desirée
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Karl Rove’s FECA Matter

Enjoying all of those endless, anonymously paid for, bullshit political campaign ads this season? You can thank Karl Rove for them. He thinks they’re fucking hilarious. You are his chew toy while he’s taking a dump all over your “democracy.” You may have known that for a while, but did I mention it’s way worse...

Inside the Koch Brothers’ War Room

A thank-you card seems like the appropriate response for having reaped a cool $18 billion under the administration of President Barack Obama, especially during the worst economy in nearly a century. But that’s not the Koch brothers’ style. Because Obama, no matter how Republican he acts, is actually a Democrat. And, dammit, being two of...

A Scam to Die For

There’s nothing new about public officials lying to you, but in this case the lie is immoral and potentially deadly. You’re being told that the Affordable Care Act, or “Obamacare,” is a failure. A fiasco. A nightmare! A government takeover of healthcare! All of them are the opposite of true. And the fact that you’re...