July 2020

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So You Wanna Be a Cam Star? Part Two

If you read our first installment of So You Wanna Be a Cam Star?, you’ll have a fair understanding of the basics. In this edition, our XXX-perts will guide you through some of the tougher elements of camming.  Avoiding Burnout Many people make cam work sound easy. However, it’s anything but. So, just how do…

So You Wanna Be a Cam Star?

Thinking about camming for a living during these difficult times? Let these experienced performers provide you with some essential advice. Camming shows are a fantastic way to engage in real-time action with some of the most beautiful and talented stars of adult entertainment. They’re also a potentially lucrative means for performers to make a living…

Sex Boot Camp Vol. 10: A Topic of Much Impotence

Can’t get it up? Don’t let it keep you down; our XXX-perts are here to help put you back on the road to Bonerville. We love sex. You love sex. There is, however, always room for improvement.  We may have saved this sensitive topic until now, but HUSTLERMagazine.com is at your service, here to shed…