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Becoming the Perfect Sub

Brushing up on bottoming out Pleasure is such a personal space. No two people are aroused the same way, and finding out what works for you is a journey of both body and mind. Let’s look at BDSM, and the myriad permutations that populate this complex and nuanced community. Encounters with kink can be an…

Long-Distance Domination

Domming Goes Virtual in the COVID-19 Era As many of us head into our third week of self-isolation and shelter in place, people are doing their damnedest to adapt in a world where contact is increasingly verboten. It’s one thing if you’re a graphic designer—working from home is a seamless transition—but a global pandemic is…

Latex Lovers Do Rubber Right

Some men complain about wearing condoms, but when it comes to other types of latex, their dicks have no problem standing at attention! Rubber dolls, dominatrices in sleek getups, rubber toys and other latex-coated playthings have a sex appeal that is undeniable. spoke with some of the top dommes in the world to learn…