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November 2020

Featuring Jessica Lockwood
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HUSTLER Hump-Day Special: Butting In

Bringing up the rear typically isn’t considered a positive thing—but if you’re talking about bringing up the rear of a hot chick for a hearty round of butt-banging, it doesn’t get much better.  Join us now as we go in through the out door for a tour of HUSTLER’s most fant-ass-tic adventures in anal sex….

HUSTLER Classic: Sasha Grey’s Criminally Hot Spread

If loving this Sasha Grey photo-shoot for HUSTLER is a crime, then lock us up and throw away the key.  Following her entry into porn, Grey became one of the rare XXX performers to break through to the mainstream entertainment industry. But in the January ’07 HUSTLER, Grey found herself in a not-particularly-glamorous situation: Sitting…

Lust in Lockup: HUSTLER Honeys Stir Up Passion

Thanks to a certain unsavory segment of American society, “Lock her up!” has become a common chant in recent years. And while there’s nothing sexy about that, the erotic potential of women sharing confined quarters while under detention has been a hot topic for decades, as evidenced by the numerous women-in-prison films released over the…