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October 2020

Featuring Lana Rhoades & Adria Rae
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Working Stiff

The ups and downs of boning a coworker. If we were to pinpoint the single most likely scenario that the average professional can expect during their career, it’s that they will eventually start boning someone they work with.  Most of us have shit where we eat at one time or another. Having sex with co-workers…

Gut Feelings

Media reports have suggested that women go nuts for guys with big guts—but is it true? We dive deep to get the real skinny. Men have been racking their horny little brains since the dawn of time trying to figure out what it takes to nail more women. And they’ve attempted every mating ritual in…

Sex Mythbreakers: Is Porn Cheating?

From a stack of magazines under the mattress, to a couple of deliberately mislabeled DVD-Rs at the bottom of a spindle, the history of keeping a porn stash under wraps is a long and complex one. Hell, check out our The War on XXX article to see just how far people have had to go…