July 2020

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HUSTLER Classic: Wait Up

Like they say, good things come to those who wait.  Patience is in short supply these days, with most people crawling the walls thanks to an extended period of quarantine and widespread societal unrest, so let’s look back at a classic spread from America’s Magazine that proved patience is a virtue. A virtue in pursuit…

HUSTLER Classic: Mounting Desire

Talk about being hot to trot.  For this edition of HUSTLER Classic we saddle up and gallop back to the October ’77 issue of America’s Magazine for the photo-shoot “Sandra: Horsing Around.”  Sandra, the compact cutie at the center of the pictorial, no doubt inspired many desires among readers, but she also had a mounting…

HUSTLER Classic: Touchy, Touchy

Physical contact is in short supply these days. So it seems like a particularly good time to revisit an especially touchy-feely pictorial from the HUSTLER archives.  Published in the March ’81 issue of America’s Magazine, “Amber: A Delicate Touch” shared the story of a Honey with a passion for tactile pleasures.  “Soft furs, plush sofas,…