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46th Anniversary Edition
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HUSTLER Classic: A Slithering Glance

Coming across a snake in the grass is generally not a very positive experience. A snake slithering around some hot chick’s bush, however? That’s just a good time in the making.  For proof, look no further than the September ’93 issue of America’s Magazine and its sultry, snake-friendly cover Honey, Tabatha.  The centerfold pictorial of…

HUSTLER Classic: Going for the Gold (With Pink)

If 2020 had gone anywhere near according to plan, chances are most of us would be enthralled by the Summer Olympics in Tokyo right now. Instead, this year’s Games are yet another victim of the global COVID-19 pandemic, making for yet one more thing we won’t be enjoying this year.  But just because we won’t…

HUSTLER Classic: Animal Attraction

She is woman, hear her roar.  Long before PETA started putting naked chicks in cages to protest the mistreatment of animals, HUSTLER offered its own beastly take on the babes-behind-bars theme with its September ’83 cover, delivering an image that surely made readers howl with desire.  The September ’83 issue of America’s Magazine had no…