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December 2023

Azura Grace
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Facial Recognition

Is coating your partner’s face in gonad goop bad sexual manners, or a loving tribute after a good, satisfying fuck? We get to the bottom of this sticky debate. Watch enough skin flicks, and you start to develop the impression that women, every last horny one of them, thoroughly enjoy getting their faces handsomely glazed...

Cobra Spell: 666 and S.E.X.

In a world of overproduced pop and autotuned rap, Cobra Spell stands out like a face tattoo in church.  Composed of five hard-rocking ladies—Sonia Anubis on guitar, Kristina Vega on vocals, Noelle dos Anjos on guitar, Hale Naphtha on drums and Roxy Herrera on bass—Cobra Spell plays a blend of vintage ’80s-inspired heavy metal and classic European hard rock.   With their debut...

Fat Mike: Punk Rock Historian

The NOFX frontman on the impending breakup of his band, his new classical (!!!) album and his recently opened Punk Rock Museum. Fat Mike is a punk to the core. For four decades, he’s been the leader of smartass stalwarts NOFX. That decades-long run, alas, is winding down to an end; Mike recently announced that...