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Sex Mythbreakers: Masturbation Mistruths

No, spanking it won’t ruin your eyesight, shrink your dong or give you prostate cancer—in fact, it has many benefits. So go ahead and whack away (after reading this, of course)! Hairy palms, loss of eyesight, eternal damnation and a hideously curved and ever-shrinking penis! The myths surrounding masturbation are plentiful, but it’s time for…

HUSTLER Classic: A Slithering Glance

Coming across a snake in the grass is generally not a very positive experience. A snake slithering around some hot chick’s bush, however? That’s just a good time in the making.  For proof, look no further than the September ’93 issue of America’s Magazine and its sultry, snake-friendly cover Honey, Tabatha.  The centerfold pictorial of…

Sizing Things Up: The Long and Short of the Great Penis Debate

We all know the story of the OG Karen—aka, Goldilocks. The picky girl with bouncy blond curls broke into the home of a family of bears and tried out all of their stuff. When she tested out Papa Bear’s bed, it was too hard. When she laid down on Mama Bear’s mattress, it was too…