June 2020

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Of Sluts and Scholars

Nicoletta Heidegger wants to help you fuck smarter with her podcast Sluts and Scholars. We spent some time with the therapist and sex guru to learn more about her mission. I go into my interview with Nicoletta Heidegger wanting to like her, I really do, but she nearly goes too far when she begins to…

The ‘Tinder Tales’ Teller

Comedian David Piccolomini wants to make you a better online dater, so he created a podcast about the triumphs and travesties of e-hookups. Listen up! If David Piccolomini has become some sort of expert in online dating, that’s only because he had to. The Brooklyn-based comic and host of the Tinder Tales podcast (tindertalespod.com) was…

The Wide World of ‘Sex With Strangers’

For six years, comedian and podcaster Chris Sowa has scoured the globe, detailing the sex scene on an international scale. We spoke with Sowa about his findings. The reasons to enjoy Chris Sowa’s Sex With Strangers podcast (sexwithstrangersshow.com) are myriad, but perhaps one of the biggest reasons to listen is Sowa’s admiration for our own…