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Monday, February 11th, 2008

Famous Flesh - Jodi Foster, Sharlely Kerssenberg, and Britney Spears

GAME, SET AND SNATCH! Well, bare breasts at the very least. Here’s British model Sharlely Kerssenberg and her picture-perfect pair. The ex-girlfriend of onetime tennis boy wonder and European tabloid mainstay Boris Becker has never been shy about showing off her terrific tits. Why would she be? Those melons are absolutely scrumptious! One look at that ridiculous rack will have you reaching for more than your fuzzy balls.

The bottom line on fame is the need to keep your assets in tiptop shape. However, for some A-list celebs, it isn’t so easy. Pop tart Britney Spears has been through a lot lately what with her pending divorce, trips to rehab and flashes of public nudity. Sources say the songbird is now on the mend and preparing for a comeback. Sadly, Britney’s once-stellar ass seems to have absorbed the brunt of all those bad times and may never come back.

Speaking of lackluster fannies, we also present the tail end of Academy Award winner Jodie Foster at the tail end of a long day in front of the camera. You would think an accomplished actress who got her start as a bare-bottomed Coppertone model might pay more attention to her backside. Sorry, Jodie, we appreciate your work so much, we hate to make you the butt of a joke. But….

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