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Porn From the Past

Alice tackles the lead in This Ain’t Upstairs, Downstairs XXX. Thanks to D.D. of Crescent, Iowa, for this vintage photo. Send your smut of yesteryear to: HUSTLER’s Porn From the Past 8484...

From Science Geek to Bondage Freak

Casey Calvert has always been a bad girl. Now she’s finally being punished—and she couldn’t be happier.  If you’re ever fortunate enough to be on a date with the...

Honest Until It Hurts

Kyle Kinane stands in front of people and tells jokes. People laugh. His voice is the one on Comedy Central telling you what to watch. People do what he says. He’s a very powerful man. HUSTLER:...

Below the Rust Belt

Ever wonder why that lap dancer grinding against your beer gut looks like she’s about to puke? Our reporter secretly worked a pole in one of the godforsaken corners of our great land in search...

Greed Monsters, Inc.

By now just about everybody knows that 1% of the population controls most of America’s cash and assets. Some says it’s a crime, others say it’s just capitalism. But the reality is, this...

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Hot Seat

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Lauren Clare

Free Bird

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Lena Love


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Ava Taylor

Kickin' It

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Spencer Bliss

Fleeting Fox

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Larry's Statement

Dirty Tricks Alert

If you thought the campaigns against President Obama were vicious, the next national elections are shaping up to be even worse. Republican campaign strategists and activists are already rolling out deceptive tactics like phony websites to subvert Democratic campaigns and spreading disinformation to suppress the minority vote. The only way to fight the coming epidemic…

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Asshole of the Month: Lindsey Graham

Asshole of the Month: Lindsey Graham

Heard this one? Why did the senator support the antigay Defense of Marriage Act? Because he was happy as a bachelor! Now don’t get us wrong, we don’t give...

America Or China?

Back in the 1950s and ’60s, when FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover was convinced that a huge number of citizens were engaging in “un-American” activities, free-thinking friends of mine...

The Smear Matrix

Porn has a new hotshot, and I fear for Larry Flynt’s financial future now that Big Brother is challenging him for market share. Who needs HUSTLER Magazine when you...