December 2019

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Asshole of the Month: Lou Dobbs

Trump’s downfall—and it is coming—will no doubt be due to his enormous, hypersensitive ego. Like a psychotic pit bull, he turns on everyone eventually, even his closest supporters, if they fail to kiss his bloated ass with enough blind sincerity.  From Chris Christie to Rex Tillerson to Jeff Sessions and the long casualty list of…

Asshole of the Month: Lindsey Graham

South Carolina has long been the nation’s most militant state; more American Revolution battles were fought here than anywhere else, and South Carolina was the first to secede from the Union in the Civil War, after the Rebels fired on Fort Sumter in Charleston, triggering the greatest bloodbath in our history. Ever since, South Carolina…

Asshole of the Month: Jack Dorsey

When Twitter entered the online universe in 2006, it was widely panned as a joke. How much thoughtful content, really, could anyone express in a mere 140 characters? It seemed to be designed for complete idiots incapable of composing more than two sentences without brain strain. Twitter was made for twits. Conan O’Brien had a…