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Thursday, March 18th, 2010


by M. Allen Nathan
from HUSTLER MAGAZINE – March 2010

SUNNY LEONEYou can tell when showbiz couples are in love for real. Bogart and Bacall. Hepburn and Tracy. Brad and Angelina. Grey’s Anatomy star Katherine Heigl and her ego. The genuine affection oozes from the screen in every one of these examples, and audiences lap it up.

Why? Nobody knows. But since the art of storytelling began, everybody loves a love story. And that’s what this tender tale is about: the XXX love story of Sunny Leone and Daniel Weber—two attractive young people who have eyes only for each other and fuck on camera for money.

But Sunny Leone wasn’t always the outgoing, super-sultry woman of countless men’s tent-pitching dreams. As impossible as it seems, the same person who now markets the Sunny Leone Exciter Vibrator used to be shy. Sunny’s parents were born in India, where pornography is illegal to this day. When the couple migrated to this country, they brought their homeland’s traditional values with them. Keeping an extremely watchful eye on their young daughter, they enrolled her in a strict Catholic school. “My parents were really conservative when I was growing up,” Sunny reminisced over lunch with Daniel and me. “They were always sheltering me. I think that’s why I’m so extroverted now.” Sunny’s rebellion was slow in coming. She was studying nursing when a classmate— a part-time exotic dancer—introduced her to a modeling agent. He, in turn, introduced Sunny to a photographer for Penthouse, who offered her a nude-modeling job.

SUNNY LEONE“I was a nervous wreck,” Sunny recalled with a laugh. “I loved the idea of being in the entertainment business, but I was 18 years old. Up until this point I had never even seen an adult magazine.”

Despite being scared, Sunny followed her instincts and began baring it all for the camera. In 2001 she graced Penthouse and HUSTLER. Things happened quickly after that: tons of magazine modeling, then a transition into film, first with women only and later boy/girl scenes exclusively with her fiancé at the time, Matt Erikson.

But things weren’t meant to work out happily ever after with Erikson. “We were having all these [offscreen] threesomes,” Sunny recalled. “It destroyed the dynamic of the relationship.” The couple parted company.

Tired of pursuing true romance, Sunny decided to chart a new course. She was a porn star for chrissakes. Performers in the biz often have as many sexual partners as a respectable Tetris score. Up until this point, Sunny had been with only one onscreen guy. It was time to go crazy, she reckoned. Time to live a fast-paced, self-indulgent, hedonistic lifestyle.

But, alas, this is a love story, and the young lady’s plans for an extended sex party on- and off-camera with multiple male partners wasn’t meant to be. Sunny had hardly dipped a toe (not to mention a few other more alluring body parts) into serious promiscuity when she met Spyderz guitarist Daniel Weber at a party one night. (The band was formed by Tera Patrick’s husband, Evan Seinfeld, a respected musician who has performed with Biohazard and Damnocracy, among others.) Porn and rock ’n’ roll. As Prince Charmings often are in these fables, Daniel was instantly smitten. However, Sunny still wanted to “go crazy,” or so she thought. Over the next few weeks she turned down the guitarist’s repeated requests for a date.

SUNNY LEONEEventually Sunny changed her mind and agreed to go out for dinner. “We barely ate,” Sunny remembered. “We talked for like five hours.” The chemistry was undeniable, and the two have basically been together ever since. Although Daniel still plays music, it’s not his number- one priority.

“Sunny is my girlfriend, my partner in life,” Daniel explained. “I don’t look at myself as a performer. I just want to be with her. I’m really more into the business. I thrive on production.” With Daniel as her ultimate guitar hero, Sunny is the happiest she’s ever been. The lovebirds work and play hard together almost 24/7. Surfing is their latest offscreen passion, and when they’re not riding a wave or fornicating for fun and profit, they blissfully chill out with their two dogs in a stylish, restored Hollywood high-rise, which is also the perfect environment for Sunny to paint. That’s right: to paint. This wanton pleasure machine is not only a virtuoso with a bone daddy at full salute, but she’s also pretty good with a brush and colors.

Standing proudly next to a painting that looked as good to my eye as anything Jackson Pollock ever attempted, Sunny confided, “I like to paint abstract art and work in weird gel mediums. I don’t have a lot of self-confidence in my art yet, but one day, who knows? A show might be interesting.”

Sunny Leone: the story of a beautiful, timid girl who was able to find true love, overcome her shyness and vanquish the porn industry. “Who knows?” is right. With soul mate Daniel Weber’s support, the art world just might be her next conquest.


HUSTLER Magazine March 2010
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