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Tuesday, March 30th, 2010


from Tails of the Bunny Ranch
in HUSTLER Magazine March Issue 2009

Air Force Amy - Bunny RanchMany times when I agree to entertain a gentleman for the house minimum, I make the most of it by having a playful attitude and thinking,Well, it’s only ten minutes out of my life. Let’s see if I can at least get a good orgasm or chuckle in the time allotted.

I generally get around $2,000 an hour for an “anything goes” party, and I have tons of repeat clients who see the value in that. I therefore consider a $100 party as charity work. Since a lot of the newer girls at the BunnyRanch aren’t so accommodating, I make sure to wait in the parlor for a guy who couldn’t agree on a price with one of the other ladies. I’m always interested to learn why this happened and see this as my chance to have a little fun and make a little money. One evening a gentleman who couldn’t afford a Ranch girl’s minimum was led back to the parlor, and I said, “Hi, honey.Would you like to come check my prices?”

He did. As usual, I simply asked him, “What are you looking for?” He replied, “Oh, just a handjob.”

So I said, “Okay, what are you looking to spend?”

When he told me $100, I tried my best to convince him to spend at least $200 or more. He wouldn’t budge, so I agreed on the low price, but before he handed me a $100 bill, he said, “There’s something else.” “Of course,” I agreed too quickly. “What more do you want, honey?”

“I have a balloon fetish, “ he said.

My imagination raced wildly, searching the angles of a balloon fetish. I immediately exclaimed, “Okay, as long as they’re not filled with heroin—and I’ll use my own balloons.”

The gentleman asked, “How much more will this cost?” I asked how much he had; he said an extra 40 bucks. I took his payment to the cashier and booked our party. At this point I didn’t care. I knew I’d get one helluva story. From behind the bar, which is next to the parlor, I fetched a handful of balloons kept in a box for our weekly birthday celebrations. I chose iridescent pink and clitoris red as the most erotic colors.

Once in my room, the gentleman and I both undressed and hopped on the bed. Then I took a handful of balloons and rubbed them all over my naked body as I knelt over him. I eventually dropped the bundle of balloons and started caressing his hairy chest with them. Before long, my big, buxom boobs were scattering the balloons all over the guy.

But the guy still wasn’t getting erect. What could make this more erotic? I wondered. I picked up some of the latex balloons and began caressing my own body and clit with them. Meantime, I grabbed an iridescent-pink balloon and slowly put it to my lips and started blowing. Then I took his cock in my other hand—still clutching a few uninflated balloons— for some heavy-duty stroking. As the balloon in my mouth filled up with air, the gent’s dick became a little harder. And as for me, my nipples stiffened, and my clit grew and grew. (As they are right now as I’m writing!)

I let some of the balloon air out to blow on my nipples, and then on my clit and back to my nipples again…and even onto the guy’s balls, cock and nipples too. Still not a huge reaction from him, although I was getting extremely turned on.

I began to blow up the balloon, and to my surprise it took a lot of work. It was getting harder and harder for me to fill the damn thing with air. But to my delight, the cock beneath me was getting harder. Soon the balloon I was desperately blowing on drooped down from my face, reaching my breasts and very erect nipples. By now the guy was rock hard!

As I sucked in a few more huge breaths of air, the balloon—almost the size of a watermelon—was about ready to burst. With it pressing against the man’s prick and belly, I anticipated an explosion of cum as my clit again longed for attention. I rose upright onto my knees, and the gigantic pink globe was all I could see. I did feel the guy’s hard-on quivering in my hand, and I wondered, What will pop first, his cock or my balloon? Suddenly, he shot a huge wad of cum all over my hand and the humongous balloon.

The customer was completely satisfied as I let some of the air out of the balloon and rubbed his juices and the pink latex all over my tits and jacked myself off. (Luckily for me, I came very easily and quickly!) We both had a good laugh when I asked, “Would you like me to autograph a balloon to take with you as a memento?”

Later on that night I negotiated another very inexpensive “hand release” party and proceeded to tell the gentleman the story of my earlier balloon party. He chuckled, then got real serious as I grabbed his cock in my hand. He eagerly agreed as I placed a balloon to his mouth and ordered, “Here, honey, blow!” Total for the two parties: $340. My cut: $170.Two experiences: priceless! Thanks for reading.

—Air Force Amy


Since 1955 the Moonlite BunnyRanch has been servicing horndogs 24/7, 365 days a year. Under flamboyant owner Dennis Hof, the Carson City, Nevada, legal bordello has become internationally famous for its willing women and wild times.

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